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Total points: 45177 : 2 : 13 : 74 : 317

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Oracle PL/SQLAdvanced2000
Oracle Application ExpressIntermediate2011
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Activity History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 30 August 2015

Total daily quizzes taken72 of 73 given
Total time taking quizzes02 hrs 51 mins
Last played on22 August 2015
Lifetime correctness79.4%
Average time per quiz 02 mins 23 secs
Current quarter's correctness71%
Current month's correctness52.1%
Current week's correctness60%
Last quarter's correctness79.5%
Last month's correctness90%
Last week's correctness25%

Ranking History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 30 August 2015

Lifetime ranking29 of 1112
Current quarter's ranking52 of 264
Current month's ranking97 of 205
Current week's ranking83 of 141
Last quarter's ranking34 of 433
Last month's ranking20 of 218
Last week's ranking140 of 143
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