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The PL/SQL Challenge is a production of Feuerstein and Associates, which is led by Steven Feuerstein. Steven is best known as an author and trainer on the Oracle PL/SQL language. This website is part of a broader effort by Steven to "download" his expertise on PL/SQL into a digital format that can be accessed by developers from around the world.

The PL/SQL Challenge branding and website design was produced by Shaw Marketing, a full-service boutique ad agency offering smart marketing to a wide range of companies. Visit Shaw Marketing for more information about their services.

The website is powered by Oracle Corporation's Application Express and was built by my fine friends John Scott, Dimitri Gielis and Paul Broughton at Apex Evangelists who provide training, development and consulting services around Oracle Application Express.

The PL/SQL Challenge is just the first of a planned series of Challenge websites, built on our generalized Challenge Database. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of setting up your own Challenge website, contact us.

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