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PL/SQL Challenge Sponsorship Opportunities

PL/SQL developers can be hard to find and reach. The PL/SQL Challenge, founded by PL/SQL Evangelist and Oracle ACE Director, Steven Feuerstein, has quickly become a website where you know that thousands of PL/SQL developers will visit each week, many of them repeatedly.

PL/SQL Challenge is the ideal place to communicate your message directly to the Oracle technologist community through a single, cost-effective outlet.

There are two kinds of sponsorship available: Premier Sponsor and Prize Sponsor

Premier Sponsorship

A premier sponsor pays a fee of $5000 per year and receives the following benefits:

  • Your sponsor information appears on the Sponsor Page under the Premier Sponsors section.
  • Your logo appears on almost every page of the website, and on the PL/SQL Challenge blog page.
  • Your logo and description is included in a reminder email (to several thousand players) at least once per week.
  • Your sponsorship is announced on the PL/SQL Challenge blog, Steven Feuerstein blog, PL/SQL Challenge twitter account.
  • Your sponsorship is included in the footer of at least one PL/SQL Challenge newsletter per quarter.

If you are interested in becoming a premier sponsor, please complete the sponsor registration and then send an email to let us know of your interest.

Prize Sponsorship

PL/SQL Challenge awards prizes on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis for a variet6y of its quizzes. We accept prizes in exchange for recognition on the site in the prize area and in the sponsor section. There is currently no additional fee beyond providing the prize, to be a Prize Sponsor.

Register here to become a PL/SQL Challenge sponsor, and then define your prizes. We will contact you to discuss how and when to use the prizes.