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When can I play the quiz? You can play the daily quiz Monday through Friday (with start and end times for each day defined as between 00:01 UTC and 23:59 UTC) . There is no quiz over the weekend, but the quiz is played on all holidays that might occur on a weekday.

The PL/SQL Challenge is a global application and adheres to a server time based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). This means that a weekday starts at 00:01 UTC and ends at 23:59 UTC; that is, the start and end of a PL/SQL Challenge day is not necessarily the same as the day in your own time zone; Daylight Savings and other adjustments in various time zones around the world are also ignored by the PL/SQL Challenge.

You will need to figure out the time in your day when it is most convenient to play the Challenge. We would like to think that your manager will be happy to let you play it during your work day.

Feel free to have your manager contact Steven Feuerstein (steven@stevenfeuerstein.com) if she or he is not certain of the value of the PL/SQL Challenge to your professional development.