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915,828 quizzes played * 1,114 active players * US$74,347 in prizes awarded
Question Answer
Do you ever change the rules or ranking algorithm? Why would you do this? Yes, we do make changes from time to time. Generally, when that happens, we notify players through our News mechanism, the blog, twitter account, etc.

We want to make sure that the PL/SQL Challenge offers the fairest, most accurate ranking of PL/SQL developers around the world. There may be, unfortunately, any number of ways that a person could try to "game" the system and unfairly boost their standings. In addition to the penalties described in the previous section on cheating, we reserve the right to:

• Change the scoring and ranking algorithms at any time; such changes may be applied retroactively in the current quarter. We guarantee, however, that the algorithm will always be applied equally to all players.

• Cancel a player's registration in the PL/SQL Challenge or disqualify a player from participation in a particular contest.

• Withdraw a prize given to a player if we determine after the fact that he or she violated any of the rules of the PL/SQL Challenge.