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How do I qualify for the championship as a wildcard entry?

If you miss a number of quizzes or start playing the quiz part-way into the quarter, it will be very difficult to accumulate sufficient points to move into the top ranks of players for that quarter.

There is, however, another way for you to qualify for participation in the championship - as a "wildcard" player. Here's how it works:

We will add at most ten (10) wildcard players to the championship, and there may not be any wildcard players.

You are a possible wildcard player if you played at least thirty (30) quizzes in the quarter.

We calculate the sum of the weighted scores of your best thirty days (Top30).

We also calculate the sum of the weighted scores of the best thirty days of the 25 top-ranked players (championship participants). The lowest sum of weighted scores is Top30In.

If your Top30 is at least as high as Top30In and your Top30 is among the first ten (in order of weighted score descending) of all possible wildcard players, you will be invited to participate.