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How do the PL/SQL Challenge championships work?

Every three months, PL/SQL Challenge holds a championship to determine the first, second and third ranked players in the daily PL/SQL quiz for that quarter (ending 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December). We also hold annual championships for the weekly SQL and Logic quizzes.

You will be invited to participate in the championship if any of these three criteria apply to you:

•Your total weighted score for the quarter places you in the top 50 ranking.
•You are chosen in the "as correct" raffle. See separate FAQ item for details.
•You qualify as a wildcard player. See separate FAQ item for details.

A total of at most 70 players will participate in any championship.

In addition, you must complete your profile with the minimum information required for winners (see FAQ "What information must I provide in my profile order to win a prize?").

The quarterly championship occurs at a specific date and time. The championship consists of a series of quizzes that you must complete within a specific amount of time. The details of how the championship works will be communicated to you via email and published on the PL/SQL Challenge website. After taking these quizzes, the players with the top three scores (determined by their weighted score - the amount of time you take to answer will definitely be a factor in the final playoff ranking) will be awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals.

Your accomplishment will be published on the PL/SQL Challenge home page, announced through the Oracle PL/SQL Programming newsletter, and publicized through other channels.

You will be famous!

And then it will be time to get back to playing the daily quiz so you can repeat your accomplishment three months in the future (or the following year).