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Total points: 41073 : 1 : 8 : 53 : 282

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Oracle PL/SQLAdvanced2000
Oracle Application ExpressAdvanced2008
Database DesignBeginnerNot Set


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Activity History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 18 April 2015

Total daily quizzes taken50 of 55 given
Total time taking quizzes01 hrs 07 mins
Last played on17 April 2015
Lifetime correctness71.8%
Average time per quiz 01 mins 21 secs
Current quarter's correctness45%
Current month's correctness45%
Current week's correctness50%
Last quarter's correctness74.1%
Last month's correctness81.3%
Last week's correctness40%

Ranking History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 18 April 2015

Lifetime ranking81 of 979
Current quarter's ranking133 of 235
Current month's ranking133 of 235
Current week's ranking166 of 191
Last quarter's ranking94 of 435
Last month's ranking41 of 283
Last week's ranking101 of 195


This section lists any awards received playing the PL/SQL Challenge, plus other achievements entered by Scott Wesley.
Playoff Participant in Q4 2014
Top Ranking in Championship 17 February 2015
Playoff Participant in Q4 2014
Playoff Participant in Q4 2013
Top Ranking in Playoff 30 July 2012
Playoff Participant in Q2 2012
Ranked 7th in Q2 2012 Playoff
High Accuracy in Week for 1 June 2012
Best Paper for - "Oracle APEX 4.1 Security" (AUSOUG) - 4 November 2011
Monthly Participation Award for October 2011
Authored quiz played on 19 May 2011
Authored quiz played on 19 April 2011
Authored quiz played on 28 February 2011
Playoff Participant in Q3 2010
Ranked 30th in Q3 2010 Playoff


Ask Tom In my first position out of University I read a few questions every morning. It only took a few minutes but the amount of hints, tips, tricks and general best practice guidelines I learned became so valuable as my experience grew. With the vastness of the Internet that is, it's great having some niche resources on hand that can further your career. I think a few people out there have Tom to thank.
Oracle-BASE I use Tim Hall's website as a general purpose PL/SQL resource every so often. While I love documentation, sometimes I need a trusted 2nd perspective on particular features. Tim's examples are concise and effective, and kept up-to-date across versions. I've also had the pleasure of wining and dining with Tim on his visits to Australia, and it's great to know he's also a great laugh!