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PL/SQL Challenge Player: Tobias Stark       Add to Favorites

Total points: 47000 : 1 : 16 : 68 : 310

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ViewExpertiseUsing Since
Oracle PL/SQLIntermediate2000
Oracle Application ExpressBeginner2007
Database DesignAdvanced1996


DOAG - Deutsche Oracle Anwendergruppe
OTN - Oracle Technology Network


Ranking History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 20 November 2014

No ranking data found.


This section lists any awards received playing the PL/SQL Challenge, plus other achievements entered by Tobias Stark.
Playoff Participant in Q4 2013
Playoff Participant in Q3 2013
Ranked 21st in Q3 2013 Playoff
High Accuracy in Week for 30 November 2012
Playoff Participant in Q3 2012
Top Ranking in Playoff 29 October 2012
Toadworld Quiz Raffle 31 May 2012
Playoff Participant in Q1 2012
Ranked 32nd in Q1 2012 Playoff
Took the Weekly APEX Quiz for 31 January 2012