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Total points: 43129 : 2 : 13 : 70 : 305

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Oracle PL/SQLAdvanced2000
Oracle Application ExpressBeginner2011
Database DesignBeginner2013


Oracle Gebruikersclub Holland - OGh

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Activity History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 4 May 2015

Total daily quizzes taken56 of 57 given
Total time taking quizzes02 hrs 13 mins
Last played on29 April 2015
Lifetime correctness79.6%
Average time per quiz 02 mins 24 secs
Current quarter's correctness65.4%
Last quarter's correctness91%
Last month's correctness65.4%
Last week's correctness100%

Ranking History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 4 May 2015

Lifetime ranking33 of 992
Current quarter's ranking95 of 273
Last quarter's ranking4 of 435
Last month's ranking95 of 273
Last week's ranking3 of 182