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PL/SQL Challenge Player: Sean Molloy       Add to Favorites

Total points: 33950 : 2 : 18 : 63 : 268

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Oracle PL/SQLIntermediate1995
Oracle Application ExpressBeginner2011
Database DesignIntermediate1996

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Activity History for the Daily PL/SQL Quiz as of 21 April 2014

Total daily quizzes taken1011 of 1030 given
Total time taking quizzes1 day 13 hrs 03 mins
Last played on31 March 2014
Lifetime correctness74.5%
Average time per quiz 02 mins 12 secs
Last quarter's correctness78.7%
Last month's correctness79%

Ranking History for the Daily PL/SQL Quiz as of 21 April 2014

Lifetime ranking25 of 10089
Last quarter's ranking45 of 977
Last month's ranking57 of 700


This section lists any awards received playing the PL/SQL Challenge, plus other achievements entered by Sean Molloy.
Playoff Participant in Q4 2013
Playoff Participant in Q4 2013