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Total points: 41863 : 1 : 17 : 69 : 300

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Oracle PL/SQLAdvanced2002
Oracle Application ExpressBeginner2009
Database DesignIntermediate2005


All India Oracle User Group (AIOUG)
ODTUG - Oracle Developer Tools User Group
OTN - Oracle Technology Network

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Activity History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 30 March 2015

Total daily quizzes taken51 of 52 given
Total time taking quizzes03 hrs 38 mins
Last played on26 March 2015
Lifetime correctness77.5%
Average time per quiz 04 mins 17 secs
Current quarter's correctness69.9%
Current month's correctness70%
Last quarter's correctness82.4%
Last month's correctness75%
Last week's correctness75%

Ranking History for the PL/SQL Challenge as of 30 March 2015

Lifetime ranking82 of 949
Current quarter's ranking95 of 419
Current month's ranking98 of 260
Last quarter's ranking96 of 403
Last month's ranking100 of 274
Last week's ranking98 of 197


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Ask Tom Ask Tom website is knowledge warehouse of all Oracle topics. Through this website you can get to know the inner workings of Oracle straight from the master. Here, Tom answers questions and the webiste provides the searchable archive of answers. Highly recommended for people who want to dwelve into the Oracle Internals.
Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs I first read Oreilly book on PL/SQL for DBA in year 2006 and found it really impressive. I highly recommend it for Oracle DBA who want to use PL/SQL for better results
Oracle Technology Network I found Oracle Technology Network as medium to get the first hand information on latest in Oracle Technologies directly from Oracle. It also gives you an opportunity to network with other Oracle enthusiasts in the Industry. For me OTN events has been a way to stay updated with the latest in Oracle Technologies in both Developer and DBA tracks. Some useful resource I recommend is http://events.oracle.com
Oracle-BASE Tim Hall, the person behind Oracle-Base website has always been my role model. His indepth knowledge in Oracle Technologies both as PL/SQL Developer and DBA is mind boggling. I recommend him for people who are looking in both the tracks.
Steven Feuerstein He is the Oracle PL/SQL Guru for me and highly recommend him to all beginner to experts in PL/SQL Programming. With his website www.plsqlchallenge.com I learn new PL/SQL skills everyday and stay abreast with the latest in PL/SQL technology.
ToadWorld I had been using Toad from Quest Software since year 2005. I found it really a wonderful tool and good for beginners and experts. Toad really makes your job easier and you become more productive. Toad software also gives you option to configure the tool to the great extent. Its favorite among both the DBAs and Developers. Quest has launched various other tools for Oracle after the success of Toad among DBAs and Developers.